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LED Miami Signs, LED Lighting, Miami, FL

limited-time offer >> 4ft. X 8ft. Outdoor double-sided, Hi-res led sign: $13,599, Shipping included.

One-Stop Cloud Platform

manage your digital LED sign Remotely

With Our Easy to Use Cloud Dashboard, You Can Create, Upload Content, and Manage Your LED Sign From Anywhere

Our One-Stop Cloud Platform offers several Distinct advantages over the competition:

Inclusive 4G LTE Modem Connectivity

Built-in 4G LTE modem, providing reliable and continuous content upload for your LED sign. In contrast, the competition may require you to purchase a modem separately, incurring additional costs.

2 Years of Free Wi-Fi Connection

Receive two years of complimentary Wi-Fi connection for data transfer. This eliminates the need for you to buy your own Wi-Fi data plan, saving you money.

Turnkey Remote Connectivity

Our platform offers a turnkey solution, allowing you to remotely connect to your LED sign and upload content. No complex setups or software downloads are necessary, making it user-friendly.


Hassle-Free Software Updates

You won’t have to worry about software updates. Our platform takes care of updates automatically, ensuring you always have access to the latest features and security enhancements. PC and Mac compatible.

Independent Connectivity

Unlike other solutions that rely on your existing Wi-Fi network, our platform’s 4G LTE modem provides a separate and dedicated connection for your LED sign. This reduces the risk of disruptions caused by Wi-Fi network issues.

No Wiring Required

Our platform eliminates the need for any wiring to connect to your LED sign. In contrast, the competition may use wireless antennas, which could require additional installation and potential signal interference.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Our New Cloud Platform Service

Now Offering Our One-Stop Solution Package for Your LED Digital Sign

Multimedia Processor

Power the LMS Elite With Our Proven Sign Processor 


4G LTE Connectivity for Reliable 24/7 Content Upload

Data Plan

2 Years Nationwide Unlimited Data Plan with T-Mobile 

Cloud Platform

VNNOX One-Stop Cloud Platform for Content Publishing 


 Take Charge of Your Advertising  From Anywhere, At Any Time With Our One-Stop Solution Package. Processor, Router, Data Plan & Cloud Platform Included

Included In the One-Stop Solution Package

Vented ABS Weatherproof NEMA Enclosure Utility Box

Router – 4G LTE

Novastar Multimedia Processor

T-Mobile 4G Data Sim Card

Ships Pre-Configured for Your Sign

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