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LED Miami Signs, LED Lighting, Miami, FL

limited-time offer >> 4ft. X 8ft. Outdoor double-sided, Hi-res led sign: $13,599, Shipping included.

Don’t Leave Money on the Table

Maximize 2024 business opportunities & equipment tax benefits.

Keep in mind the potential tax benefits of turning business equipment costs into affordable monthly payments. The expanded incentives for business investment mean that companies could get big tax savings by investing in new or upgraded equipment before year-end. More importantly, using lease financing to acquire this equipment significantly enhances cash flow. 

Here’s an example of how it works (assuming a 21% tax bracket):

•Equipment or Technology investment: $25,000
•Total First Year Tax Deduction: $25,000
•Tax Refund on Equipment Investments: $5,250
•Adjusted Cost of Equipment Investments After Tax Savings: $19,750

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Make sure to consult with your tax advisor to understand your eligibility and to discuss any specific questions you have about these tax benefits.

Visit the IRS website on Section 179  for qualifying purchases

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